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Enterprise Architecture is a complete software representation of the enterprise. It is a master plan that acts as a unifying force, binding various aspects of business planning such as goals, visions, strategies and governance principles. It brings together organizational structure, business processes and data structures. It is the encoded guide used for designing and building the Information Technology infrastructure.

Relevant and practical Enterprise Architecture Solutions are fundamental to alignment of business and IT goals. The Enterprise Architecture must remain flexible and agile to meet everyday business challenges and create sustainable competitive advantage. iCore can incorporate business details while handling technology issues with ease.

iCore Enterprise Architecture Services can also help organizations adopt and implement Services Orientation, an enterprise architectural style of defining Business and IT in terms of services. Where SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) refers to the IT part of this concept, Services Oriented Enterprise (SOE) is referring to the definition of business activities in terms of services that can be directly related to these software services.

iCore has the right experience and expertise to offer Enterprise Architecture services to enterprises globally.

Our EAS offerings include:
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting - iCore Enterprise Architects lead discovery sessions to identify architecture misalignment and gaps between business strategies,goals, and the current technology environment. Architects make initial, high-level recommendations for enterprise and solution architectures.Our consultants will work closely with customers to define a detailed enterprise architecture road map that includes a multiphase enterprise architecture plan. The plan prioritizes key programs and projects for fast successes while minimizing disruptions during a transition.
  • Application Portfolio Consolidation - Whether you are in the midst of a post-merger integration effort, have grown through acquisition, or have acquired or developed systems that no longer work well together, iCore can help you achieve your consolidation goals and reduce the complexity and cost of your Information Technology infrastructure. With experience from multiple, large-scale consolidation successes, we can quickly assess your situation and prescribe and lead a plan to quickly realize your consolidation objectives.
    • Our approach to planning for a successful systems consolidation considers the technology, people, and process changes involved.
    • Our technology planning tools identify all applications, data, interfaces, hardware and network infrastructure components from each of the systems that will be consolidated. People and organization change plans integrate with the technology and process changes.
    • Process changes are defined and modeled to keep business operations running effectively during and after the transition.
  • Application Architecture Services - In addition to helping an organization determine its overall application portfolio, iCore's ability to review individual systems and applications gives an organization the ability to determine whether a particular application is suitable for its environment. Ranging from commercial off-the-shelf applications to internally developed custom applications, iCore provides insight that an organization needs for an application's maintainability, robustness, extensibility, scalability, and technology.
  • SOA Implementation - iCore's SOA consulting services help you explore your SOA options, assess your environment for adopting an SOA solution, create a detailed plan that meets your business and technical requirements, and achieve implementation success. iCore experts will use following methodology.
    • Introduction to business integration through customized interactive workshops
    • Gather business & technical requirements & provide recommendations for project selection & scope
    • Identify key SOA patterns that are applicable to customer's various business scenarios
    • Build project level implementation architecture & related prototypes
    • Install & implement a development environment
    • Utilize SOA RQ Methodology to build reference architecture & development frameworks
    • Build, Test, Pilot, Deploy and monitor project in production environment
    • Knowledge transferred to customer's staff Benefits of Using iCore Services
  • We ensure a plan is created and implemented to achieve and measure the identified benefits.
  • All outcomes, positive and negative are clearly identified, understood and accepted by all concerned
  • Objective information is provided by using Enterprise Architecture to make investment decisions aligned with overall strategy.
  • We Ensure progression towards a delivery of the benefits is continually monitored Risks and issues are anticipated and managed. Rely on iCore for Exceptional Technical Resources Are you implementing a new system that will require a temporary increase in IT staffing resources? Do you have a special project that requires immediate attention, but don't want to reassign or retrain existing staff? Or would you like to outsource the maintenance and upgrades of your existing systems? Highly-Skilled IT Resources When You Need Them iCore Consulting Group's IT Staff Augmentation service is perfect for these occasions and more. We'll help you tackle a wide range of projects, large and small, with highly-skilled and experienced IT consultants.
  • Whether your IT initiative will last a month or a year, or you need a single IT resources or a whole team, we can quickly provide you with IT resources that have direct experience in your industry, and with the systems and technologies you require. We assist companies large and small in Central Ohio and surrounding areas with a wide variety of IT resource needs, including:
    • Application Developers
    • Project Managers
    • IT Security Consultants
    • Network and Infrastructure Consultants
    • EDI Consultants
    • Business Systems Analysts
    • Database Managers
    • Software Engineers
    • Technical Writers
    • More Experienced Recruiters
    • Industry-Leading Processes
  • This enables us to deliver the highly qualified talent companies need. when they need it, so they can get started on their initiatives quickly. In addition, we are committed to developing and retaining our team members. This helps us provide more experienced, reliable and skilled individuals to our clients. Many of our consultants have been with us for years and were consistently told by our clients that projects involving our IT consultants are completed to plan; at or under budget. We Go the Extra Mile We take the time to understand your requirements, your business, your project needs, corporate culture, and your corporate goals.
  • We carefully match our consultants to identified needs. We do not try to be everything to everyone, at the expense of our client and consultant relationships.
  • We focus on building long-term relationships and a core set of strengths to ensure clients have the highest quality resources with our team, and that we retain the best talent. Learn more about the iCore Consulting Difference. We have resources that are ready to hit the ground running
  • Greater flexibility in scaling teams up or down as needed Reduced overall recruiting costs. Contact us today or call us at (515) 897-7802 or (727) 453-9732 to learn how we can help you meet your needs and achieve your goals. You'll be glad you did.

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