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IT Management Services

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iCore's Managed Project Services bring cost-effective, reliable world-class service under the umbrella of a comprehensive service level agreement. With iCore, you can be sure your IT resources are working to capacity and satisfying the needs of your organization.

Performance, statistics and productivity can be monitored, assessed and managed through weekly/monthly meetings to maximize service levels, promote improvements and guarantee satisfaction throughout the term of the Managed Services agreement. We look for the best people and partnerships in the industry to maintain mutually rewarding long-term relationships, giving best practice recommendations, service improvements and cost reduction opportunities. Some of the benefits of Managed Services are:

  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Provides access to Subject Matter experts and technical resources
  • Frees up resources that can be used for other strategic purposes
  • Allows you to focus on your core business activities
  • Puts leading technologies at your fingertips
  • Decreases environmental and logistical issues
  • Enables flexibility in increasing performance and capacity
  • Creates a single point of contact for services and troubleshooting
  • Establishes privileged access to Help desk services
  • Brings a 'best in class' security framework to boost confidence

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