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iCore Technologies, LLC has developed iLending; an excellent internet based lending application for your local retail bank’s needs. Internet lending provides an online delivery channel to give your borrowers and your employees fast, convenient access to loan data, automated decisions on loans and provides your bank with more opportunities to expand their lending. Our iLending software products have been designed and developed based on requirements of small, medium and large national banks located around the world.

We can provide state of the art lending solutions with:
  • Standard or customized online applications.
  • Mobile / smartphone apps
  • Rapid automated decisions for most loan types
  • Immediate bank defined, rule-based underwriting
  • Application databases that enhance cross-selling opportunities.

The latest addition to our iLending product line is specifically designed for use on mobile devices. This app has the rich functionality of the ‘classic’ iLending internet application but is optimized for mobile devices, such as iPhones™ and various brands of Android™ phones. Our applications are cross platform enabled allowing your employees or borrowers to use the appropriate application for their device without connection delays.

The iLending mobile loan app can also integrate seamlessly with your bank’s existing lending applications and provide borrowers access to your current lending platform on their smartphones. With 60% of young banking customers accessing their accounts via mobile technology, the iLending mobile app allows you to market banking services to a significant user/borrower base.