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Our RideSmart app is a fast and easy way to reserve a cab or a taxi in most cities across USA. Using RideSmart you can connect with a taxi or ride sharing service in just a few taps on your mobile phone or tablet.

Easy registration
Instant riding:
  • Connect to Rideshare with your personal account information.
  • Provide your planned pickup location (E.g. Home, Office, Airport, Rail station or current location).
  • See a map showing different types of rides available for your pickup location.
  • Select the type of ride service you want and confirm the selection.
  • The RideShare app will display an instant confirmation with ride details.
  • You are able to track your ride as it responds to your request.
  • At your destination, we can facilitate your payment based on the ride service used.
  • Various payment options are supported.
  • An itemized invoice is emailed to you documenting your trip.
Advanced booking:
  • RideShare provides an advanced booking option which allows you to plan ahead for a ride to the airport or rail station or other destination.
  • Reserve your ride for a future date or time, with confidence that your ride will be just as you wish.
Sharing Service:
  • Since it is possible to reduce the taxi fare up to 50% by sharing your ride, we provide a Share riding option.
  • Ride Estimate is our tool which allows you to estimate the cost of a trip using different services.
  • Ride Estimate uses a current taxi service rate card and allows you to compare various combinations of service, riders and routes.
  • Ride sharing and Shuttle services help you make daily commuting economical and eco-friendly.
  • These services are currently available in selected cities and will soon be rolled out in major cities across the USA.
Corporate Ride:
  • RideSmart enables businesses to set up Corporate relationships with your ride sharing company, or possibly set up their own company car pool services.
  • Employee customers book business related rides as Corporate riders.
  • You can provide “value added” services to the business through Corporate Ride by supporting employee travel tracking and budget management.
  • Ride sharing and Company Shuttle services improve daily commuting efficiency and support eco-friendly initiatives.
  • These services can be rolled out to major metropolitan areas you serve.